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Be kind & listen to amplify voices & set the heart on fire.

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What is Xilhouette.Horse?

X.H origin story.

Young Writers Community

We believe the voice of our young writers is essential to our survival, and our ability to thrive as a community. The story of our young minds is the story of our collective future. We have to make sure they believe in themselves and their worth and the importance of their voices.

The X.H mission.

Online Writing Course

We currently offer the first 10 lessons in an online writing course designed to supplement traditional education with lessons on reading, writing, organizing ideas, exploring identity, honing imagination, and using their natural talents to define a successful path forward.

Amplify their voices.

Support the Launch

We hope to open a writing center in Solana Beach where kids of all ages can feel safe, explore, and find their voices so they feel confident sharing their stories. Learn more about how you can help support this effort today and be on the lookout for a pop-up writing center soon.

Inspire hope today.

Hope Asemic Art

Asemic Art Commission

Asemic art or asemic writing is a hybrid form that fuses text, language, and image. The individual components are rooted in their original meaning, while the combination of the elements generates the potential for a new subjective interpretation for both audience and artist.

Want to create a custom visual language for your business? Family? Interior design project? Commission your own system of hieroglyphics or pictographs with asemic art from X.H.