Blueprint for a sensational structure.

share a sensation translation and we become architects of a sensational world

From the sensation, we may lose some of its essence, some of the truth of the actual feeling as we translate it. But we also gain an understanding through the act of translation. We pressure test the experienced sensation by working to grasp its meaning on our terms, in the language we are most comfortable with. 

And then, we may come to understand more about the sensation as we work to translate it further and actually communicate this experience to others. We may not be able to get to the heart of the sensation, to wrap the truth of it neatly into words (and that's okay, words are approximations themselves), but if we translate in myriad ways within our own experience and with others, we can build a structure around the sensation. 

The structure of the sensation becomes prismatic.

As we twist and turn this structure in our hearts and minds and hands, we will learn more about it. As we tease this structure with light, the sensational prism will shine in unexpected ways and light up other sensory experiences. 

As we work to understand the sensation and the resulting translations, as we explore this structure and the way it shifts with movement and light, we will create more sensations. We will be both creator and audience.

Imagine what happens when we share this prism of sensation we've created. 

When we share a sensation translation, we ourselves create another prism. We become architects of a sensational world that will not only be witnessed, but entered. We open doors into our interior worlds and allow them to become shared spaces. 

We are ourselves immersed in our own creation. We've taken a leap of faith, jumped into the unknown, and translated fear and doubt into possibility, potential, proof: truth can be found in the feeling shared.