Brick by brick: a safe, dependable source of inspiration.

listen openly and we can evolve our collective belief that today is good and tomorrow will be better

This practice of one-word prompts and posts is an attempt to capture the first raw impulse, embrace the immediacy of sensations felt, and nurture a belief in the direction I'm headed and the dreams I see up ahead. 

These prompts and posts are me executing the dream. 

My hope is that in springing these prompts on the writing mind each morning, I will be further immersed in the source of creativity and inspiration we all pull from. With each prompt I am working to activate the belief in the potential of the day to frame the actions we take within the context of a simple everyday verb inherent with sensation.

Brick by brick, I hope to lay these posts down as a foundation for the imagination to create a safe and dependable place for us to explore the origin of this language we use to communicate, so we can rediscover what it means to feel and create and experience openly. 

I believe we have shuttered our first and finest impulses, and closed ourselves off from the sensations because they are unpredictable and unafraid. In doing so, we have closed ourselves off from each other. We have turned to more predictable sources designed to define and deliver everything we could think to want.

But we have lost contact with mystery and delight and curiosity and discovery. 

And it makes sense. We do not have control of what emerges from these sources. Negotiating the nebulous depths of these sources is a scary proposition. We are hard-wired to fear and protect. But this is where belief comes in. Where we become aware of the need to evolve beyond fear, and believe that we can do better if we practice openness and commit to curiosity, if we commit to listening to each other openly. 

I struggle with this every day. I do not listen enough. I am not as open as I could be. I bring my own beliefs to each interaction. I remain closed off to the source in my loved ones and strangers alike, and the source within myself. 

If we can listen openly, I’m confident we can connect to the potential within our shared source of creativity. If we can listen openly, we can evolve our collective belief that today is good, and tomorrow will be better.