Each gift is a unique and fleeting invitation.

everywhere we encounter gifts

When we share ourselves and our natural talents and perspective we are gifting a piece of ourselves. Hyde tells us there's an inherent identity that comes along with that gift. We've chosen to gift something specific. And this says as much about the love and inspiration we’ve received as it does about the love and inspiration we want another to receive.

We’ve selected a certain part of ourselves, a part of our story, a particular aspect of what makes us us, and we've given that piece of ourselves to the world with an important reason in mind. We gift with intent. Let’s ensure that intention inspires openness, and represents a willingness to engage, to interact, to receive and explore by gifting ourselves freely.

Do you find yourself gifting freely? Or do you hesitate, hold back, doubt the timing or the gift itself? Or maybe you are simply waiting for a sign, waiting to know the time to gift has arrived. But how do we know that time has arrived? When is the right time to gift? In the moment, spontaneously? Or do we curate that moment, find the right moment?

Each of us is brimming with gifts, but we choose certain gifts to share based on the understanding of how our world aligns with the wants and needs and desires and identities of the person or audience receiving the gift. 

We're approaching the holidays, a built-in period of celebration and gifting. Do we hold back or gift freely? Does it matter? If we listen to Hyde, the spirit of the gift alone—whether it's a physical gift we share, something born of our natural talent, or a little slice of ourselves—is what should be considered. The spirit of the gift is what inspires. 

The act of gifting is an exchange of openness. It is an invitation to expose ourselves to sensation, to be affected by the world and each other, to witness another human giving something of themselves freely, and accepting responsibility for that gift. When we accept a gift, we are saying I see you, and honoring this act by becoming a creator ourselves.

The gift-giver has bestowed a great honor upon us. We have been recognized, we have been seen. What a gift! You there! Loved one, here's a gift I made for you. You there! Audience member, I created this artwork for you. 

Everywhere, we encounter gifts. Let’s treat them as such and use each opportunity to share the sensations that arise from our daily gifts with each other. As we receive the gifts from today, let’s focus on what we feel as we receive the gift, harness that energy, and gift it right back to the world. 

Thinking of a loved one, write them a quick text. MIssing a friend? Invite them to coffee. Waiting in line for coffee by yourself? Buy coffee for the person behind you. Missing your kiddos while they’re at school? Sketch a little doodle and leave it beside their bed. Hear a song that reminds you of someone? See a pic of a friend on your phone? Read a quote or article that reminds you of a loved one? Gift yourself and the energy you encounter today. 

In addition to posting to our anonymous feeds, dumping energy into the endless digital sprawl, let’s gift directly. Let’s take inspiration from the gifts we receive today and deliver that gift of energy to someone or something specific, knowing there is no other gift like it, given before or after. This gift we’ve just received in this moment represents a unique gift. If we don’t take this chance to share it, we’ll miss the opportunity. Go on! Get gifting!