Engage micro-reactions. Embrace micro-recreations.

as we become we recreate and we become. Again and again we iterate self.

When it comes down to the foundational elements of inspiration and creativity, it's really just a desire to recreate, is it not? 

Something we've experienced has generated sensations within us and fired up the imaginative process and we are compelled to react, to create. Even if all we do is enjoy the piece of art or sunset or film, even if all we do is tell someone about it or share it online, we are recreating the mix of art and experience and contributing to its story. We are allowing it to become a part of our story and offering it to the world with an additional element, with our perspective, translated through our imagination. 

The only requirement of this process is movement. If we remain mobile we recreate and create and inspire others to carry on. Remember Tokarczuk: “Mobility is reality.” Even if all we can do is take a breath or blink our eyes, we can express our inspiration and recreate the thing witnessed.

Embrace your ability to move, carry this responsibility as far as you can. Soak up all that you see and honor the inspiration as often as possible by recreating what you've experienced. Make a routine of engaging, remain aware of the micro-reactions, spend time with them because they become micro-recreations, that will become micro-creations, and eventually creations. Creations that will become catalysts for the audience, generating micro-reactions, and so on.

Don't wait to recreate. Capture sensations in the moment, early and often. You never know when one micro-reaction might lead, where recreation will break free and cross the boundary into your own realm of creation. 

If we skip steps, if we ignore inspiration, if we stop embracing the ability to move or read or write or pay or build, we miss this wonderful world and lose connection with the person we are becoming. 

As we become, we recreate, and we become. Again and again, we iterate self.

We build momentum toward different versions of ourselves, reaching daily milestones of becoming, all made possible by micro-reactions that lead to spontaneous micro-recreations that lead to micro-creations that lead to voice that tells a story about you and me and the future we imagine. 

Don't hesitate. Today, right now, recreate.