Find the courage to have faith in the unknown.

when confronted with the unknown to think is an act of courage

Opening doors with thoughts as we harmonize with our surroundings. Yes. But also, harmony with closed doors, closing doors, and the many degrees of openness that reign between.

When one door closes another opens. If we aren't in tune with ourselves and our environment and our loved ones, the door closing can be deflating: we can't even entertain the possibility of another door existing. 

But even if we are open-minded and aware of the symbiotic relationship between opening doors and closing, we may have a hard time finding that open door. It might be a window, maybe a staircase to an attic door, maybe a locked cellar door, maybe something camouflaged we won’t see until we’re up close, or it could even be a subtle change in grade as we begin a long slow climb or descent. 

To think is to create potential. But also, in creating potential, we create the path and landscape and horizon, the waypoints, the door and the lock and the key, the journey that stands between us and that potential.

To make our way through, to reach our potential, we have to believe it’s there, then go get it.

When we hit a dead end or a door closes, we have to keep moving down this path. There's no other choice. Even if we stop for a second to absorb the unexpected, to think about where we are, the simple act of thinking is movement. The thinking is what creates the potential, the moving is what brings the potential into focus.

When confronted with the unknown, to think is an act of courage.

To keep moving is an act of faith.

Find the courage to have faith in the unknown.

When we stop to think, we’re saying: I know I'm out of sync, I know I'm not connected to the rhythm of this world, and if I think about it, I will understand I lost that rhythm a few steps back, maybe a few days ago, maybe months or more. 

When we sit and allow ourselves the time to think, we can rediscover our rhythm and reharmonize with ourselves. Then, start moving again. Then, we can expand our vision and scope and connect to a path forward—or backwards or up or down—always remembering, as a good friend constantly reminds me, progress is not always linear. 

Progress doesn't happen all at once either. Rarely will that door swing wide open. But we just need that door to be cracked for a little light to escape.

In fact, forget the door, let’s imagine a cave with a giant boulder concealing the opening. And let’s consider the effort it would take to move that boulder just a little. And let’s think about that effort and consider what’s inside that cave. And then, let’s get to work.