How do we feel the feeling felt?

to understand how the other feels, is there a more worthy goal?

“Every perception is an act of creation.” 

But when you consider Paz through the lens of Ogawa, does this act of creation require two parties? To feel, we must be touched. 

When we touch, we create. We create not only feeling within ourselves, but possibility outside of ourselves.

When I reach out and touch my oldest daughter’s hand when she is wrestling with some challenge, or squeeze her shoulders when she’s stressed, or kiss her cheek before bed, there is a translation that occurs. From my touch to her touch, a feeling is created. 

When I reach out and touch my youngest daughter’s hand as she wakes up, or pick her up when she is down, or knock her around as we play soccer, the translation is different. We experience different perceptions, the language is as different as English and Hindi. 

Same as when I reach out to my wife after an argument, or hug her after a long road trip, or brush her arm as we sleep, the feeling I perceive and the feeling she perceives is different, and is different from the feelings generated by contact with my daughters or friends or strangers.

All of this information relayed in a simple touch: how do we connect to it all? Can we be aware of it all? What is lost if we are not engaged in the feeling?

How does the perception of this feeling change when I choose to communicate that feeling I'm feeling through spoken word, or written word? A gift? A song? Silence? 

Every interaction is an act of creation, as long as we understand the feeling felt is wholly different from our own feeling. As long as we are aware of the world of possibility that exists on the other side of that interaction, we are creating sensational interactions. To understand how the other feels sensations, is there a more worthy goal?

If we were to charge through our day unaware of our feelings and their depth, that's one thing; we have chosen to ignore these sensations. But that's only a part of the loss, and maybe the smaller piece of it. 

If we charge through the day unaware of how our actions and perceptions impact the sensations of others, this to me seems to be a much more significant loss. 

This all feels very obvious as I write it. But I don't see this discussed much online or hear about it being practiced or taught or studied. Yes, this does sound obvious and fairly straightforward, but maybe not routine?

So how do we celebrate this incredible opportunity to feel and be felt? How do we uncomplicate feeling the truest sensation from each other, and exploring the response and translation of physical, mental, and emotional perceptions when we connect and feel? How do we feel more? And allow it to happen in the open, without feeling self-conscious or judgmental?