How do you share yourself with the world?

how does the act of sharing influence what we create

Starting today off today by sharing a bit of self-doubt with my daily question: am I helping or hurting my search for a job by sharing this content? Honestly, I have no idea.

So many resumes, so many cover letters and applications, so much energy shared with the world that likely won't be read. But through all of this, I gain speed, I sharpen my sense of self, and reaffirm my belief in what I can and want to do. Plus, as Lapicque demonstrates, if I'm a writer I must be writing.

If Lapicque had it to say again today, he would have to add the element of sharing the way we live. This is a component to creating, to art, that is unavoidable, like it or not. And yes, that element has always been there, but it seems more integral to the act of creating today. 

When feedback from likes and shares is so instantaneous, so immediate, so close to the actual inception of the idea, there's no doubt that the influence of the act of sharing is part of each creation. 

With so much data at the ready, everything is influenced pre-thought. From every piece of fine art to every article optimized for search to every social caption, the act of sharing, and what feedback awaits, is present (and that’s to mention nothing of ChatGPT or AI and how that influences our pre-thought ideas as they take shape. But that’s another conversation about sharing for another time). 

The data we are exposed to is part of the imagination, the formation of the idea. It is part of the act of creation, and certainly a part of the release of that creation into the world. 

Ok, channel your inner Lapicque: How does lifestyle influence what we create and how it gets shared? How does the act of sharing influence what we create? How does sharing our creations reflect how we live? 

How do we determine when a piece is ready to be shared? Are there different degrees of readiness or development when it comes to sharing? And once we share a creation, how does that collective energy—between the creator and the community—influence the creation? How does that creation evolve as it is shared by the creator, liked, and then shared by the community?

Lots of questions. I’m still thinking of yesterday’s prompt.

For today, as we consider this movement of sharing, let's remember this action doesn't have to involve a screen or platform. Most of our daily interactions don’t. Commuting to work, walking the dog, popping into the grocery store: yes screens are everywhere, but we still engage with the world without them, sometimes. 

With every interaction and conversation, we share our energy, attention, and focus with the world and our fellow creatures. That simple, often subconscious act counts. When you lock eyes with a stranger in traffic, when you pass someone in the aisle at the store, that's an act of creation. That’s sharing. Let’s honor that amazing act.

The challenge today (I promise, not every prompt will involve a challenge on top of the prompt): spend more time considering how you share yourself with this world, and how others share themselves.