How to make space for empty space & action.

if we can make space for space, the imagination will take over. It will deliver possibility.

Empty spaces call for action. When we make space for something, when we sit in a space and dream and consider the possibilities, we are called to action by the imagination. We can't help this. 

We are called to action, simply by sitting in a space. How amazing is that? 

But the crucial first step is to make space, to find the physical space to sit and come down. And that's not always easy. 

Where do you go when the world gets loud?

How do you shrink your world when things become overwhelming?

When you're stressed out? 

We may initially consider this a retreat, but what if we consider this an attraction? 

The spaces that calm us down call to us because they know what energy lies dormant.

When you are stressed out, what spaces call to you?

We know deep down that if we can find a quiet place, sit in silence for a moment, and come down, we will figure out what needs to happen. But this isn't easy when we're down or stressed. I don't know about you, but I want to pick up speed when things are overwhelming, my first instinct is to put my head down, keep grinding, keep pushing, just get through it. If I can push a little harder, I’ll get through it and breathe on the other side of it. But does that approach ever really work? Not for me. And that decision is usually made for me when something breaks down, when I break down.

So why not make a routine of making space for space?

Why not give in to the laws of attraction and let yourself be called to those intimate spaces, those safe spaces, and spend time there to connect to the next right action?

If we can make space for space, the imagination will take over. It will deliver possibility. It can't help itself. 

And this becomes a cycle. If we make space for space, if we allow ourselves to be called into that empty space, if we allow for a coming down, a moment of rest, we attract energy that in turn calls us into action, and off we go. 

We exhaust ourselves completely as discussed yesterday, then make space for space, and repeat. 

This is not a retreat. This is an expansion.

This is us making space for new, more, potential. This is us acknowledging that we are still capable of surprising ourselves, if only we make time and space to sit and listen.

It sounds so simple. But I absolutely complicate this process. Unnecessarily. Probably because it requires patience and I’m often terrible at being patient. I want to charge forward and constantly have to remind myself that slowing down and taking stock can lead to a greater connection to my why, which leads to improved inertia and overall impact.

All we need to do is return to a physical space where we feel safe.

Then have faith that this space will call to the imagination, and in good time, call us into action. 

All we have to do is spend time in that space. Nothing special to do. Just go to that space, sit in that space (definitely don't bring your phone), come down, and wait. The call will come.