I'll shine right back. Promise.

release the light in you and I'll shine right back

I wasn't all that excited about this prompt. I was stressing yesterday when I was pulling the post together. But now I realize it wasn't that the excitement was lacking, I was nervous. 

I was nervous because I realized this would be the call to action. 

2021 was my most prolific year as a writer and creator. Coming out of covid, I had focus and energy and I was organized. I pulled together a collection of poetry (some of my most satisfying work). I created the Writer House course. I created Rotezen. I started an asemic art and poetry collection. And I felt motivated and excited about the work.

But it's 2023 now, almost 2024. I haven't really released any of this work and it's been holding me back. I've been stuck tweaking the work I made more than 2 years ago. There's a bottleneck and I feel stifled creatively. 

This feeling is what initially led me back to these prompts because before all this work came together in 2021, I had been using one-word prompts to kickstart the writing process for months. So I knew this process would help me find the motivation and focus again. Or I thought it would. 

So right now, the structure and motivation are present, but the focus is lacking. My attention is divided. I try to create now, but I'm held back by the work from my past that has yet to be released. 

So here goes. All the imperfections and works-in-progress are coming. Care to join me?

Don't wait to release your work. Whatever you're working on now, release it. Let us see the process and follow along with the story. I'll do the same. 

Even if you just share your thoughts and doubts and fears, release them. Let them go. Unburden yourself. Make space for the light and inspiration. Shine. 

Release the light in you and I'll shine right back.