Imagine what I might create because of what you feel.

we can flip our state of being to feel more than we do not feel

I know I'm here because I am expressing a sensation. 

I create, therefore I am. 

To connect to a sensation isn't easy. To crack that feeling open, to understand what it really feels like, takes time and energy and focus. To wrap our heads around how we feel about that feeling so we can grasp it completely, then express that feeling appropriately, is hard work. And once we get here with all the feels, to create something from this feeling requires more time, and energy, and focus. 

Though, this final step may be the easiest part of the whole process. The feeling is the hardest part. 

As long as we allow ourselves the space and time to sit and feel and create without interruption, the sensations and the understanding will arrive. As long as we practice and as long as this process is routine, we will find a way to feel and understand the feelings.

When we create from these feelings, we have a record. We've captured the feeling. And yes, this feeling is fleeting, so we must understand that it will be here, and then gone. But if we spend time building this routine, and make a habit of feeling this world, we can slow time down. We can expand these fleeting moments with sensation and feel more deeply, we can build out the interior structure of these sensations, make a home of them, and live with them longer, visit more often.

By focusing on the feeling we can flip our state of being to feel more than we do not feel. 

Yes that means we are more susceptible to the intensity of all emotions, the peaks and the valleys, the joy and the devastation. But we cannot have one without the other. 

And, if during this process of feeling and expressing and creating we make a habit of returning to the source of the initial feeling, we will realize we have an endless well of inspiration. We will understand that the feeling is a call to action to express and create. When we hit a wall and can't summon a thought and feel lost in the world, we still feel. We feel lost, but that’s not nothing. We are still, always, feeling. We can embrace the sensation. We can emote. We can and will eventually create.

We have to believe this is possible. We have to make space to spend time believing this is true. We have to know the sensations will not stop, and they will not remain. 

When we connect to the sensations, we will create what needs to be expressed in that moment, and that will lead to the next sensation, for you and your audience. And then, the magic really begins to happen. When you become a wellspring of sensation, summoning a sensation in another, you get to imagine what could be.

Imagine what I might create because of what you feel.