In the smallest sense, we are called to create.

creativity is a two-way street and the imagination is the conduit.

Creativity is a two-way street and the imagination is the conduit. How we move in this world determines the intensity of the sensations we experience. In order to create or be called to create, we must work, we must serve the senses. And when we do as Paz declares, we gain access to what previously remained invisible or inaudible. 

When we work in service of our senses, the world opens up and brings us along for the ride.

So how do we serve the senses? Move. Pay attention to how we move. And pay attention to what happens when we move.

There is tremendous power inherent in the senses. Yes, at surface level they help us interact with and understand the world. But when we dig deeper, when we engage more consciously with the senses, we become a part of the world, we begin to build more receptive and lush pathways between our bodies and their perception of the world, and are not only able to learn more about it but imagine the future of the world and our place in it.

The more we serve the senses, the richer the responses we receive, the more lively the imagination becomes, the more potential we realize in the smallest touch or sound, the more we're able to see and feel and hope and believe.

The more we serve the senses, the greater our connection to the world and to each other. The more aware we become to all that is happening around us, the more inspiration we encounter, the greater our calling to create becomes.

So I'll ask again because I dodged the question the first time: how do we serve the senses? Do the damn thing. Do the thing you most want to do. But don't just do it, don't just let it happen. Engage with it, feel it, hear it, sense it, feel all the feels.

That thing you most want to do, you’ve got to work for it.

Start the conversation. Chase the sensations that arise. Explore the fragments that begin to form and generate ideas. And by all means, remain open to what comes your way.