Micro-investments with massive potential in 2024.

if we start by considering how we invest our attention, worthy micro-investments will come knocking.

To invest is to spend with the expectation of greater return. But there’s an archaic definition that means to clothe or cover with a garment. Let's imagine the evolution of this word for a moment.

We clothe someone to provide shelter and warmth, someone in need of support, someone in need of another human to believe there is value in them. The small but meaningful investment helps the recipient stand up, take a step forward, identify some reason for receiving this gift and therefore recognize value in themselves, and ultimately develop a belief in their value.

The small investment grows within the recipient, but so too in the investor. The evolution from here isn't hard to imagine.

But what if we were to return to this archaic definition of the verb invest? What if we focused on micro-investments in people, not commodities? And what if we turned a few of those micro-investments inward to clothe a version of the self in need of belief and support?

What happens if we nurture these micro-investments from January through 2024 to this time next year?

Imagine the change you want to see in this world. Then imagine how you can embody that image of change in yourself. What if you started now and made a single, simple micro-investment each month, what would that new world look like in a year?

Maybe we start by identifying some potential micro-investments? And how to know a worthy micro-investment when we see one? And do we need to worry about the diversity of our micro-investment portfolio?

If we start by considering how we invest our attention, worthy micro-investments with massive potential will come knocking.

Consider the quality of your attention portfolio: at the moment, where do you invest your attention?

Could some of this attention be invested in other areas? In consuming different content? In researching a topic of personal importance? In reaching out to someone else in need of our archaic definition of invest?

This doesn't have to be complicated. If we can imagine one area of Interest, one version of self in need of some attention, one friend in need of belief, one book we loved reading, one word that aligns with a value of ours, we have more opportunities at our door than can reasonably manage.

Each one of these represents an entire world of opportunity we can invest in. An entire world that would be vastly impacted by a simple micro-investment. And all it costs to get started is our attention.