The journey from simple to complex is a constant.

imagine what our kids might become if we as a community built the system of their upbringing around a personal journey

To develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. I think my definition for the act of evolving just evolved. I don't think I knew the movement from simple to complex was inherent in this verb.

And how simple this act of awakening is: pick a word, look it up, make sure it means what we think it does. But also, reconnect to the word and make sure we aren’t forgetting some important element of the word. When we reconnect with basic definitions, we reset our understanding of the world and each other; we refresh our relationship to our surroundings and our place within these surroundings is reaffirmed.

When we relearn definitions, we become aware of the evolution of ourselves and our environment.

Maybe we should focus more exclusively on this idea, this evolution, this process. And maybe we should bake more basic training into our process: what would a return to high school at the age of 45 look like? What if we could return for a sophomore year in high school with other 45-year-olds for a break, and a reconnection, and a chance to refocus on our own evolution?

Imagine the freedom that would come from the chance to openly explore all the random interests and desires and inclinations that occur from the time we leave school until the age of 45. And imagine if we could give that gift to our kids.

Now imagine if this word evolve was placed at the core of their education: what if we told them that they were expected to, and allowed to evolve? That success in life was dependent upon their ability to evolve? That they will be measured not by grades, not by job or income, not by partners or possessions, but by their ability to evolve?

And at the age of 45, they would be given a gap year and required to return to school and provided with instruction and guidance and a curriculum between now and then to maintain a connection to their own evolution.

What would that sensation of evolution lead to, what would they be capable of if they were allowed to mature with this idea of evolution and this structure in mind from the beginning?

Imagine what our kids might become if we as a community built the system of their upbringing around a personal journey of evolution. A system where they understood the journey from simple to complex as a constant.

What happens when our kids are not only allowed to evolve, but given the tools of evolution, and the time and space to practice evolving? What if we taught them to remain aware of, hungry for, and patient within the process of gradual development from simple to complex, over and over again?