The rhythmic balance between head & heart.

with head and heart aligned we feel like unfold before us

What role do we play in the events of our life unfolding? If we listen to Paz, there is a rhythm and we are swept up with it. This implies that we are able to recognize the rhythm, to feel the pattern, to believe there is harmony somewhere amidst the chaos all around us.

During coffee with a friend yesterday, she said the head and heart need to be aligned to allow ourselves the peace and presence and patience to allow life to unfold before us, to be swept up in Paz’s rhythm.

I work hard to spend time in both head and heart and be aware of the times I'm spending too much time in either one. But I don't know if I can say my head and heart are aligned very often. Rather, I ping pong back and forth between the two.

So how do we align head and heart? Especially when they are, in their default states, seemingly designed to live in opposition to each other? What does life look like and feel like if our head and heart are aligned?

For one, with head and heart aligned, we feel life unfold before us.

If not aligned, we feel as if we're forcing something. And maybe this is where the true power of the act of unfolding comes into play, where the fulcrum of the verb unfolding exists: try to control the unfolding and we tip toward the head, let go and disengage and we tip toward the heart.

If we can let life unfold, if we can balance ambitions and patience, if we can believe in the impact of a simple sensation and the resulting action, and not only allow that impact to resonate and carry us along, but also enjoy the journey, we can ultimately connect to the rhythm, and resist the urge to forcefully unfold life ourselves.

If we can allow life to unfold itself, we may have a better chance at aligning head and heart, and actually meeting the people we are becoming.