We decide what happens when faced with fear.

the best part of our story lives in the fear and waits to be told by us

What are you afraid of doing? We have to know what we're afraid of and why first, before we're able to fully consider the fear.

So what are we afraid of doing today? If we're talking about fear of death or injury, that's one thing, self-preservation is important if we want to get shit done and make change possible. But if we're talking about putting ourselves out there, speaking up, taking a chance on ourselves or our loved ones, what is there really to fear?

Maybe we start with the obstacle. What am I wanting to do and why I haven't done it yet? I've been working on a project to kickstart a community writing center. I have it about 90% complete, and yet I'm stalling, I'm waiting, I'm delaying. Why? I don't really know. I can make all kinds of excuses, but there isn't one solid reason for why I haven't launched this thing yet.

So what am I afraid of? Crickets, mostly. What if nothing happens when I launch it?

But also, I need help making this thing happen, and I’m worried about failing my loved ones and supporters. This is step one of a million, and I'm worried I will falter at some point. So I keep trying to see further down, the road around the bend, into the future. But of course, this is foolish. The story hasn't been written yet. Same as your story.

Every single step we take toward fear, we write more of our story and we gain strength. We grow stronger and more confident. It may not feel that way, but it's true.

And where does that strength come from? It comes from the fear. The fear is our true power. The best part of our story lives in the fear and waits to be told, by us.

As we take a step toward our greatest fears, we take power from the fear and grow stronger. While these first steps in the direction of our fear may be timid and they may take longer than we like, we have to be patient and find peace in the process. We have to embrace the fear. We have to keep going.

With every step, we gain momentum. With each step, we begin to believe in the journey and are more confident in the next step. Not because the process gets any easier, but because we figure out how to use fear to motivate, and we understand that our progress transforms our fear into hope, and love, and becomes our greatest strengths.