We need to see ourselves living.

the things we choose to make are how we show the world who we are.

What will you make today? Whatever you make, it will undoubtedly be you.

The things we choose to make are how we show the world who we are. And in turn, how the world knows to hold up a mirror for us to see ourselves. If all we do is think, if we are only living internally and not creating, how will we get to know ourselves? How will we enrich our understanding of the world in our place in it?

There's a certain part of our story we have to see ourselves living. We have to leave a record in the physical world in some way, leave artifacts for our future selves to discover; otherwise we can't know the people we are now or the people we love or the movements and sensations that led us to this moment.

To make ourselves doesn't require some grand gesture or expansive exposure. All we have to do is transform something of ourselves, from the pure swirling energy in our imagination into something we can experience and share: words on a page, a text, a dance, a doodle, a playlist, a meal, a cup of tea, any of this can be your masterpiece today.

We’ve just got to focus on transforming the idea into something tangible we can see or hear or feel or touch or smell. We don't have to share it with anyone else if we aren't ready, but when we make these small gestures, even if they are only for ourselves, we make more than the thing itself: we make the next idea possible. And we make the next one possible, and the next thousand ideas possible. We ignite potential. We open doors we may walk through in the future and we tell ourselves who we might become.

Make a commitment today if that's all you can imagine right now. 

Tell yourself you will make something tomorrow, something small, something barely visible, something impermanent and imperfect. And know that that thing you make isn't the thing that will make your dreams come true, but it will lead you there as long as you continue to make some small thing every day.