When did you last ask yourself, "what if...?"

your imagination is connecting dots between dreams and reality

When was the last time you asked yourself, "What if...?" And asked it with complete openness, fully awake and dreaming?

Just taking the chance on this question makes your dreams a reality. It grounds them, it warms you and the world up to the idea that your dreams are real. This is all you need to do to get the imagination moving. 

What “What if” questions excite you?

Can you ask a “What if” question today and begin that journey? Not ready? That's okay.

Let's focus on the Hyde quote. But first, a book rec: The Gift from the Lewis Hyde is an indispensable call to action for anyone, most especially if you are stuck, need a jump start, haven't yet embraced your natural talents, or have lost touch with the skills and drive that led you to previous joy and success. 

Okay, back to the quote. When we experience art of any kind, greatest to the world or just to you, we can imagine the possibilities ahead. All we need to do is witness and experience and absorb art. If we are stuck, art is the universal motivator: movies, music, paintings, street art, equations, clothing, whatever you're into, doesn't matter, it's all art. 

Get out, wait for something to catch your eye, put yourself in front of it, and just stare. When you hit pause and focus on the art, the imagination takes over. You might be thinking about all the things you must do right now, all the obligations and responsibilities and failures, but the imagination is not. It is building momentum. It is working hard to manufacture potential and connect the dots from what you are consciously focusing on, to what dreams await. 

The more you can put yourself in this place—you don't need to do anything more—the more the imagination builds a case for that big question: what if?

Where will you go today? What art will start this journey?