When was the last time you fell in love?

each fall requires an act of faith and a belief and an understanding that the fall is preceded by a leap.

Why don't we fall in love everyday?

Imagine what this world would look like and feel like if everyone was falling in love everyday. If, as we walked to school or drove to work, everyone we interacted with was either falling in love or looking for it, knowing love was waiting for them in their very near future.

What would that day feel like if we could fall, knowingly, daily?

If we could take a leap of faith and fall without fear; if we could act on our sensations and seize what has attracted our attention and celebrate the feelings and let go and just fall and hit the ground and wake up and do it all over again, what would our days here look and feel like?

To be clear I'm not talking about lust or simple physical attraction. I'm talking about head over heels falling in love.

I’m talking about waking up and seeing your daughter emerge from her bed, sleepy head, half awake, and falling in love with her again. I'm talking about watching your partner get ready for the day and seeing them for the first time again, and falling in love. I'm talking about waking early before the house is alive and walking into the cold morning with your pup to catch the sunrise together and fall in love with the day. I'm talking about being enamored with what work lies ahead, the dinner you'll share with loved ones, the book you'll read before bed.

All these opportunities to fall in love every day, why do we not allow ourselves to fall in love more often?

Fear mostly, no? A fear of emotional heights and what happens when the fall comes to an end? A fear of a fall unrequited, embarrassment, clumsiness, failure?

What if we fall just to fall? If we fall just for ourselves? Fall because the fall makes us feel and to feel is the greatest gift and freedom we have? But each fall requires an act of faith, and a belief in the feelings, and an understanding that the fall is preceded by a leap.

We have to take a chance on ourselves and on each other to fall in love and to feel every day.